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Hamilton landlords – How Can Ontario Landlords Avoid Renting to Bad Tenants?

January 2nd, 2017 · credit check, Latest News, Ontario Landlords Association, Tenant Screening, Toronto Star Ontario Landlords Association

 Hamilton landlords - How Can Ontario Landlords Avoid Renting to Bad Tenants

Hamilton landlords – the Toronto Star Recommends Ontario Landlords Association Membership

The story we published earlier this year about a Hamilton landlord who was forced to sell her rental property and quit being a landlord led to a lot of emails sent to us.

The former landlord and the situation she faced was written in the Hamilton Spectator.

Tenants Didn’t Pay Rent For 8 Months

When the tenants didn’t pay rent the first month the Landlord applied to evict them for ‘non-payment of rent’ with a form N4 at the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

The Ontario system for landlords and tenants is biased and can be easily and maliciously manipulated by tenants to delay being evicted even without paying any rent.

This is what happened. The tenants knew how to manipulate the system and kept coming up with ways to delay the eviction process for months on end.

When the tenants were finally ordered to pay rent of nearly $7,000 to the landlord or move they had already pulled a Midnight Run and were gone.

Forced To Sell Her Hamilton Rental Property

With damages to repairs, clean up costs and so many months of no rent the landlord cannot cover her mortgage and is forced to sell.

What Does The Landlord Think Should Happen?

She makes a couple of good suggestions on how the system needs to change.

1. Tenant Blacklist

She believes there should be a blacklist or ‘bad tenant list’ that will warn landlords and also warn the Landlord and Tenant Board.

2. LTB Must Change

The entire process can last for too long by bad tenants who know how to manipulate the system.

How Can Ontario Landlords Avoid Renting to Bad Tenants?

In Ontario we don’t have a bad tenant list and cannot even see tenant names on official eviction documents.

There’s also little desire for the government to change the system they created.

So What Can Ontario Landlords Do?

You have to protect yourself with extremely careful tenant screening.

And careful tenant screening means always make sure you run a credit check on your tenants before renting to them.

Credit checks are the only way for landlords to verify what tenants say and to find out about their level of financial responsibility in paying the bills they owe (including rent) and also shows past address and ‘real’ current and former employers.

BC landlords are now making tenant credits an automatic part of choosing who to rent to after reading stories of serial bad tenants who have ripped off BC landlords for thousands of dollars this year.

We to think of Alberta as a very pro-business province. It is, but Alberta landlords are still making sure to take matters into their own hands by running TVS tenant credit checks before signing a lease.

Toronto Star Recommends Joining the Ontario Landlords Association

Here is what the Toronto Star wrote to help landlords avoid renting to bad tenants:

Join a group such as the Ontario Landlords Association where after becoming a member, you can do a credit check for as low as $10, and use their supporting materials to assist you.

It’s terrific advice because you can become a member for only a one-time fee and get premium Ontario credit checks and the Ontario Landlord Rental Kit.

Join the Ontario Landlords Association and start running premium credit checks for only $10 per check!

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Hamilton Landlords – Rent Increase Guideline for 2016

April 3rd, 2016 · Latest News, Ontario Rent Increase Guideline 2016

 Hamilton landlords rent increase guideline 2016

How Much Can Hamilton Landlords Raise the Rent in 2016?  It’s 2.0 Per Cent

Are you going to raise the rent this year?  What about in 2016? Many landlords are considering this as costs continue to rise. It’s not only higher taxes, as increased costs also include the rising prices for plumbers, electricians and contractors. After all, good landlords make sure they maintain their rental properties and keep them in excellent condition.

In Ontario, most landlords who own private residential properties are covered by rent control and the laws of the the Residential Tenancies Act. This means in most cases you can only increase the rent by the annual government guideline. 

According to the Ontario Landlords Association Hamilton landlords can raise the rent by 2.0 per cent in 2016.

Will a 2.0 Per Cent Increase Cover Your Costs?

Many landlords feel this is too low and won’t cover their costs. The good news for some is your rental unit might not be covered by rent control. This means you don’t have to follow the rent increase guideline.

Types of properties the rent guideline doesn’t apply to include:

1. Vacant Units

If your rental property is vacant you are allowed to raise the rent as much as the market will bear. This applies if you are just starting to rent out to your first tenants or if your old tenants have left and you are marketing to find new ones.

2. Residential Units First Occupied On or After November 1st, 1991

If your property is older than 1991, you are covered. The 1991 rule is an important one for landlords to know about. Your Hamilton Rental Property Might Be Exempt From the Rent Increase Guideline.

3. Social Housing

Most social housing is owned and run by the government and they aren’t covered.

4. Nursing Homes

These are not covered.

5. Commercial Rental Properties

Many people prefer to invest in commercial properties. Not only are are evictions for non-payment of rent easier than a residential property, but you aren’t cover by the rent increase guideline.

Are You Going To Raise The Rent in 2016?

If you are make sure you know if your rental property is covered by the annual rent increase guideline or not.

Timing for Rent Increase in Ontario

You also need to make sure you provide your tenants with the proper time frame for the rent increase.  In a majority of cases landlords can only raise the rent twelve months after your tenants first moved in or twelve months since the last increase.

You also have to provide your tenants ninety days notice in the approved of manner according to the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board. Make sure you know the rules and follow them carefully.

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It’s Election Day! Is Licensing Hamilton Landlords Back on the Table?

October 27th, 2014 · Landlord Licensing, landlord rights, Latest News, Ontario landlord rights

hamilton landlords landlord licensing vote

Today is election day in Hamilton and in municipalities across Ontario. There have been a lot of opinions and interest especially in large cities like Toronto, Hamilton and London. Polls open today.

One big surprise for Hamilton landlords has been the issue of licensing landlords have come up during various campaigns to get elected in our city.

Most of us thought the issue we fought so passionately against last year was laid to rest for at least a little while.

You remember our battle in 2013 don’t you? It was when city council debated whether Hamilton should implement a scheme whereby landlords would be required to get a license to continue to be able to run our rental businesses. Hundreds of small residential landlords showed up in September 2013 to speak and explain why it was a bad idea that would hurt both good landlords and good tenants. Thousands more showed their support. Because of the strong views presented council voted against the licensing plan.

It was a terrific show of networking and speaking out to create a “voice” for small landlords and tenants who rely on good landlords for quality and affordable housing. It really was a victory for people who care about good properties and good rental housing in Hamilton.

This is why so many were shocked to hear some candidates in Ward 1 said they would start the process to license landlords if they were elected to council.

While we know the city of Mississauga had started a licensing program there on January 1st, 2014, the city of Guelph decided against it we didn’t expect this issue to rise up only a year after it was defeated in Hamilton.

Here is how CBC news reported on the issue during a recent debate of Ward 1 candidates:

Hamilton’s controversial plan to license rental units has reared its head again in the Ward 1 council race, where some candidates say they’d try to resurrect it if elected.

Six candidates are running for the west Hamilton ward, which struggles with student housing issues. Some said during a debate on Monday that they’d try to get the plan — or at least one specific to west Hamilton — back on the table.

This goes to show how important it is for small residential landlords to keep up to date on the news and on what is happening in the political arena.

It’s very easy for wannabe politicians to target landlords, especially small landlords who are usually too busy working full-time jobs and running our rental businesses to have time to go to debates.

Whatever happens Hamilton landlords will be ready to fight for what is right. Just like we did last year. We will be watching the election results carefully and sharing the information with our fast-growing membership.

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Hamilton Landlords – The Importance of Tenant Screening and Credit Checks

June 6th, 2014 · Credit Checks, Hamilton Landlords, Ontario Landlord Credit Check

 Hamilton landlord loses rental property bad tenants don't pay rent Ontario Landlord Credit Check

Hamilton Landlord Says She Was Forced To Sell Her Rental Property After Bad Tenants Stopped Paying for 8 Months!

We’re read lots of stories about bad tenants causing problems for Ontario Landlords before.

Just last week the Toronto Star published a story about a person they call a “Tenant From Hell.”

This tenant is now being evicted from her 7th rental property since 2005.

This tenant uses the same method to get unsuspecting landlords to rent to her.

Here’s how the tenant scam works:

1. The tenant shows up and is very cheery and well-spoken

2. Tenant looks for properties that need a little ‘fixing up’ and promises to do the repairs

3. The landlords don’t screen properly and don’t do a credit check

4. The landlords rent to this tenant

5. The tenant stops paying rent and uses bylaws and other methods to avoid paying rent for months.

This is a sneaky and effective method to trick trust-worthy landlords and then manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board system to avoid paying rent for months.

Are There Bad Tenants In Hamilton?

Landlords are reporting to us that there are now more excellent tenants in Hamilton than ever before.

However, small landlords must still be very careful who you rent to.

Hamilton Landlord Loses Her Rental Property Because Tenants Don’t Pay Rent For 8 Months

The landlord is Althea Hall. She bought her investment property in Hamilton in 2003.

According to a new report in the Hamilton Spectator Hall was forced to sell her rental property because her former tenants didn’t pay rent for 8 months!

Hall couldn’t afford to cover her mortgage payments.

This led to the rental property being sold by a Bank as a Power of Sale.

Why Didn’t The Landlord Evict The Tenants Who Stopped Paying Rent?

The Ontario Residential Tenancy Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board are unfair to landlords.

Clever tenants can manipulate the system to avoid paying rent for months on end.

It’s easy to make up false maintenance claims as an excuse to not pay rent and to delay being evicted.

Even the Hamilton Spectator was fooled as their original story on this situation sided with the tenants who were claiming their rental home wasn’t safe and the landlord was a slum-lord.

It took months for Hall to finally get her tenants to move.

And when they moved, they still owed her over $6000 in owed rent!

Hall says it’s difficult to predict which tenants will be good and which ones won’t and she is happy to stop being a landlord in Ontario.

How Can Hamilton Landlords Protect Themselves From Bad Tenants?

The problem for Hall is she didn’t properly screen the tenants she rented to.

Instead, she listened to the “stories” and didn’t verify what they said.

She trusted them and in the Ontario Rental Industry trusting tenants can lead you to being burned.

The most important point is Hall didn’t do tenant credit checks. And it cost her thousands of dollars in losses.

Why Should Hamilton Landlord Run Credit Checks On Tenants?

A tenant credit check will tell you the ‘truth’ about your renters.

1. Do they live where they say they live?

2. Do they work where they say they work?

3. Do they have a history of being financially responsible?

4. Do they owe former landlords money?

You get a lot of essential information from a tenant credit check. For more information check out Ontario Landlord Credit Check to see why this is such a key part of being a successful landlord.

Even in more “landlord friendly” provinces small landlords are waking up! More and more BC landlords are doing credit checks.

Even in pro-business, landlord friendly places Alberta landlords are also doing landlord credit checks to make sure they rent to good tenants (and avoid the tenants from Hell out there!)

How Can Hamilton Landlords Do Tenant Credit Checks?

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association for only a one-time registration fee.

You can then start doing premium credit checks for only $10 per check!

Becoming a member can save Hamilton landlords thousands of dollars.

Hamilton Landlords – Join the Ontario Landlords Association for a one time registration fee and start doing premium credit checks on your prospective tenants!

Don’t get burned by Tenants From Hell who won’t pay you rent for months and will manipulate the Landlord and Tenant Board against you!

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Renting to Students in Hamilton (Part 1)

March 17th, 2014 · Hamilton District and Apartment Association, Rent to Students Hamilton

 Hamilton landlords Ontario lanldords association rent to students

Is Renting to Hamilton Students Your Next Investment?

Things are looking up for Hamilton landlords in 2014.

Many landlords seeing some very sweet appreciation of our rental properties.

Since so many of us focus on cash-flow, seeing our rental properties go up in price is amazing news in case we want to sell or re-finance our mortgages.

As the CBC News report shows we are also seeing good job growth and more good tenants coming to our city and wanting to work and develop roots here.

We are on a roll since Hamilton landlords united and defeated the crazy idea of a ‘tenant tax’ also know as Hamilton landlord licensing.

Studying in Hamilton

Hamilton is a great city for students.

We have lots of excellent places for students to study.

These education institutions including Mohawk College.

We Are Home To a World Class University

Hamilton is also home to McMaster University.

This is an internationally renowned schools with over 24,000 undergraduate students and over 4,000 graduate students.

McMaster is also home to one of Canada’s most famous medical schools.

Tips for Student Landlords

The Ontario Landlords Association is a leading helper and friend for small landlords across Ontario.

Some of the older landlord associations such as the Hamilton District and Apartment Association are very helpful for large corporate landlords with all those big buildings you see but not good for small residential landlords.

After all they have done nothing to help us for years?

The answer is: Nothing!

Except they still love taking those annual fees.

They don’t help small landlords.

The Ontario Landlords Association focuses on real issues for small landlords.

They have an excellent interview with Jennifer Radley who is the Manager of the University of Toronto Housing Services Center.

Jennifer took questions from small landlords and investors on to become a successful student landlord.

Sure, she is working at the University of Toronto but her advice and tips are helpful for landlords all over.

Whether you are a landlord in Hamilton, a British Columbia landlord renting to students attending UBC or an Alberta Landlord renting to students at the University of Calgary the tips are important.

It’s also essential reading for an Ottawa landlord renting to Carleton students or UofO students.

What Questions Did Landlords Ask?

For example, one of the questions was about what students want from a rental property and what landlords should make sure of to motivate students to rent from them.

The answer from Jennifer was very thorough and included:

1. Students want to rent properties close to campus or with easy access to it

2. Landlords should make sure your rents are competitive

3. Students love properties where rent includes utilities

4. If you have a basement unit, make sure it’s bright and happy.

5. Students want a safe rental so they can focus on studies at all times.

Becoming a Hamilton Student Landlord

We’ll have more on these important tips of Hamilton Landlords in our next blog.

There is a great opportunity in Hamilton and smart investors are getting in now. 

There is a growing amount of students coming to Hamilton and they are looking for professional landlords. 

They are looking to rent from you!

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Hamilton Landlords: 2014 Rent Increase

January 5th, 2014 · 2014 Rent Increase, Hamilton Landlords

 Hamilton landlords 2014 Rent Increase Guideline

How Much Can Hamilton Landlords Raise the Rent in 2014?

The past year was a dramatic one for residential property investors in our city.

It saw Hamilton landlords to come together to fight against a proposed bylaw that we knew would hurt both good landlords and good tenants.

Landlord licensing was defeated in Hamilton last September.

Or, better put, Hamilton landlords stopped a new “tax on tenants” that would only pay salaries to more city bureaucrats to do the job Bylaw officers are already paid to do.

Rent Increase Guideline 2014

Many landlords across the province were shocked at the report on the Ontario 2014 Rent Increase in the Toronto Sun last week.

According to the Toronto Sun Ontario landlords can only raise the rent by 0.8% in 2014.

This is the second lowest rent increase since 1975.

A member of the Ontario Landlords Association was interviewed and made it clear this low increase would hurt good landlords all over the province.

After all, while landlords can charge whatever they want when a tenant moves out, renters tend to stay for years renting from good, responsible landlords.

Rentals Built After 1991

It’s important for landlords to know if your rental property was build after 1991 you may be able to avoid the Ontario rent increase guideline.

Landlords Upset

Landlords around Ontario voiced a lot of concern regarding this low rent increase.

Whether it was a Barrie landlord worried about being able to pay for extra expenses or a London landlord simply thinking the low guideline simple wasn’t fair, we can safely say many landlords weren’t happy.

Are You Going To Raise the Rent in 2014?

The economy in Hamilton is growing and we are getting lots of new, qualified renters coming to live and work in our city.

Despite this some landlords say they won’t raise the rent on their current renters because they are happy with them and don’t want to do anything to get them to move.

On the other hand, other landlords make annual rent increases part of their regular property management system and let their tenants know it by putting it in the lease.

Happy New Year To Hamilton Landlords

2013 showed that when we stick together we can make positive change.

We look forward to providing you with news, advice and networking and look forward to a very successful and profitable year for all Hamilton Landlords.

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Hamilton Landlords: Tenant Screening

December 18th, 2013 · Hamilton Landlords, Tenant Screening

Hamilton landlords tenant screening

Tenant Credit Checks Are a Key Part Of Good Tenant Screening So Make Sure The Checks Aren’t Faked by Tricky Bad Tenants!

It was a challenging year for Hamilton landlords in 2013.

Fortunately we stuck together and made our voices heard and as the year ends we have lots of optimism for 2014.

As the US economy picks up it will mean more jobs for Ontario.

And things are looking good for Hamilton real estate and for investors and landlords in our city.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation the housing market will be healthy in 2014 and prices will rise above inflation.

Prices in October 2013 increased more than 5% over a year earlier.

More Good Tenants

As the Hamilton economy grows and house prices increase it means there will be more good renters for landlords.

People who would have purchased their own property before are now renting to afford more expensive properties.

People who plan to own their own home can be very attractive tenants as they want to keep their credit score at a high level to eventually get a mortgage.

They also want to save for their own down payment and not waste time arguing with their landlord at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Find The Good Tenants Out There and Avoid the Pro Tenants

It’s now more important than ever Hamilton landlords, Toronto landlords and landlords all over the province screen carefully and rent to good tenants.

The reality is there are still a large number of bad tenants out there who will manipulate the system and cost you thousands of dollars and months of stress and frustration.

Tenant Credit Checks

This is a very important part of a landlords’ tenant screening process.

Unfortunately some landlords have experienced tenants who produce their own credit report which has turned out to be fake.

More and more small landlords are waking up to the importance of good tenant screening and demanding a tenant credit check before renting out their property to someone.

Bad tenants learn fast.

This means bad tenants will expect landlords to want a credit check.

And they know their credit is bad because they have cheated others and this is reflected in their credit report.

So these bad tenants prepare by creating fraudulent, fake credit reports and try to pass them off as real to unsuspecting landlords.

How Can You Deal With These Tenant Tricks?

It’s easy.

Hamilton landlords can take control of their own tenant screening process.

Never accept a credit report offered to you by a potential tenant. Instead, do your own tenant credit checks.

You can join the Ontario Landlords Association and for a very small one time set up fee you can begin doing credit checks offered by Equifax, Tenant Verification Services, and GARDA background screening.

Each check is very affordable.

And it gives you, the landlord, total control of the tenant screening process.

Hamilton landlords things are looking bright for 2014.

Make sure you find good tenants by taking control of your rental business!

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Invest in Hamilton: New Hamilton Landlords (and good news for existing landlords)

November 4th, 2013 · New Landlords

Hamilton Landlords Become a Landlord In Hamilton 2014

We’ve had lots of good news for Hamilton landlords in the past month.

One of the most important things is that landlords licensing has been put on hold.

It looked like residential landlords would certainly need to get a license back in September.

Due to good organization, clear logical facts behind our case against licensing, and passionate landlords cooperating together the City of Hamilton decided to shelve the program.

And while some on City Council are dedicated to attempt to bring back the program, for now level-hotheadedness wins.

It was a terrific win for Hamilton landlords and tenants.

We want to thank the Ontario Landlords Association for their important role in stopping landlord licensing.

What’s Next for Hamilton Landlords and Residential Real Estate Investors?

There is some more good news.

We said the Hamilton real estate market was finally revving up.

According to a report on CBC News we were correct.

A Hot 2014 in Hamilton

The report is about one of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) forecasts on real estate.

According to Abdul Kargbo, a senior market analyst for the Hamilton area and Brampton area for CMHC more newcomers are moving to Hamilton.

More newcomers means more houses sales (and more tenants) for us.

This is great news for landlords as it means house prices are rising (appreciation of rental properties) and more tenants looking for to rent from us.

September 2013 Was a Great Month For Hamilton Real Estate

The month of September was a huge month. The number of home sales was 1,207. This was only 1 sale short of the all-time record.

Hamilton House Prices Also Rose

Prices for home in September 2013 were 7 percent higher compared to a year before.

The average sale price was a whopping $392,013!

Avoid Professional Tenants and Find All the Great Ones Coming To Hamilton

More people moving to Hamilton is good news for landlords.

More people means more good tenants.

Of course, while the majority of tenants are good you still need to protect yourself and be extremely careful!

With this influx of renters it’s important for Hamilton landlords to do proper tenant screening.

How Can I Protect Myself and Find Great Tenants?

With tenant credit checks you can find good tenants and avoid bad tenants who won’t pay the rent and will cause damages to your rental property.

A tenant credit check is an essential tool to making sure you rent to good tenants.

Things Are Looking Up

Hamilton landlords are on a roll.

Remember to screen your tenants carefully. This always includes a tenant credit check.

Let’s keep working hard, banding together, and making Hamilton read estate rock!

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Hamilton Landlords Win! Licensing Won’t Be Happening (For Now)

October 7th, 2013 · Hamilton Landlord Licensing

Hamilton landlords say no to landlord licensing and win

We reported our concerns regarding licensing Hamilton landlords in September.

At that time Hamilton City Council was considering a plan to license small residential landlords (while ignoring larger landlords and buildings).

We made it clear we opposed the plan. We want our government to be an agent for promoting growth and success for our city and creating plans to help create better rental properties in our city.

We want our government to help landlords and tenants and that’s why we said NO to landlord licensing.

Licensing Landlords Is An Issue For All Ontario Landlords

What is happening in Hamilton was noticed by residential landlords all across Ontario.

There was concern that a vote for licensing landlords in Hamilton would set a bad example of other cities and towns across the province.

The Ontario Landlords Association is the recognized voice of small residential landlords and they were strongly against licensing.

They called for the Hamilton Planning Committee to refuse the city staff recommendation and reject landlord licensing because “any other choice will hurt Hamilton for decades to come, including tenants.”

Hamilton City Council Voted No

Landlords and tenant advocates passionately explained how licensing would hurt investment in Hamilton rentals and could lead to as many as 10,000 tenants having to move out of their current rented properties.

It what came as a surprise to many council watchers, Hamilton City council voted against the new bylaw to license landlords.

Instead of licensing, Hamilton will make the current temporary enforcement program and make the program permanent.

The city started this program in 2010. Four new staff will be hired.

The Battle Isn’t Over

While council voted against the bylaw this time, Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie said the issued has not gone away.

McHattie believes there was far too much influence by landlords and Realtors.

Hamilton Landlords Showed the Way

We understand landlords face many challenges all over Ontario.

Whether it’s tenants leaving garbage and damages behind to the dangers of bad tenants holding your property hostage, the dangers for landlords are real and growing.

The fight over licensing is proof landlords need to keep an eye on our local governments. Hamilton landlords stuck together, were vocal, and played a key role in getting the government to do the right thing.

To Discuss Hamilton Landlord Licensing And Other Issues Go To the Ontario Landlord Forum

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Keep Our City Firing On All Cylinders – Hamilton Landlords Say No to Licensing

September 17th, 2013 · Hamilton Landlord Licensing

 Hamilton landlords say no to landlord licensing keep our city growing

Hamilton real estate is on a roll these days.

Prices are healthy and going up and we are becoming an increasingly attractive place for people around the province, the country, and the world to invest.

Hamilton ranked as Canada’s top investment areas for the second straight year by Site Selection Magazine. The article was even called ”Hamilton is Firing on All Cylinders

Let’s Keep Our Economy Firing on All Cylinders

Hamilton Landlords are calling for our government to create policies that help our city grow and succeed, not hurt our city.

The City of Hamilton promises the following to citizens

Our Vision

To be the best place in Canada to raise a child, promote innovation, engage citizens and provide diverse economic opportunities.

Our Mission

We provide quality public service that contribute to a healthy,safe and prosperous community, in a sustainable manner.

Our Values

Accountability, Cost Consciousness, Equity, Excellence, Honesty, Innovation, Leadership, Respect and Teamwork

Except Hamilton Staff Want to Fill Their Coffers and Wreck Our Rental Sector

On June 26, 2013 City Council directed city staff to “…report back to the Planning Committee with options and alternatives related to the licensing of rental housing no later than September 2013.”

And now we know the recommendation that will be presented to the Planning Committee today.



Parking and By-law Services Division

TO:  Chair and Members, Planning Committee


SUBJECT/REPORT NO: Rental Housing Licensing By-law PED10049(m) (City Wide)


That the Rental Housing Licensing By-law attached as Appendix “A” to ReportPED10049(m), which is in a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor, and which would become Schedule (30) Rental Dwelling Units of the Licensing By-law No. 07-170 and come into force on April 10, 2017, be approved.

Good Landlords and Tenants Say No To Landlord Licensing

There’s an excellent message to the Hamilton Planning Committee from the Ontario Landlords Association titled: “Licensing Landlords Is Not the Solution For Hamilton”

The OLA states:

The City needs to do a better job of dealing with unprofessional landlords and poorly maintained properties while at the same time supporting and encouraging those who invest and create high quality rental space.


We agree. Let’s keep Hamilton moving forward and that means saying NO to landlord licensing.

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