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Hamilton Landlords Win! Licensing Won’t Be Happening (For Now)

October 7th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Hamilton Landlord Licensing

Hamilton landlords say no to landlord licensing and win

We reported our concerns regarding licensing Hamilton landlords in September.

At that time Hamilton City Council was considering a plan to license small residential landlords (while ignoring larger landlords and buildings).

We made it clear we opposed the plan. We want our government to be an agent for promoting growth and success for our city and creating plans to help create better rental properties in our city.

We want our government to help landlords and tenants and that’s why we said NO to landlord licensing.

Licensing Landlords Is An Issue For All Ontario Landlords

What is happening in Hamilton was noticed by residential landlords all across Ontario.

There was concern that a vote for licensing landlords in Hamilton would set a bad example of other cities and towns across the province.

The Ontario Landlords Association is the recognized voice of small residential landlords and they were strongly against licensing.

They called for the Hamilton Planning Committee to refuse the city staff recommendation and reject landlord licensing because “any other choice will hurt Hamilton for decades to come, including tenants.”

Hamilton City Council Voted No

Landlords and tenant advocates passionately explained how licensing would hurt investment in Hamilton rentals and could lead to as many as 10,000 tenants having to move out of their current rented properties.

It what came as a surprise to many council watchers, Hamilton City council voted against the new bylaw to license landlords.

Instead of licensing, Hamilton will make the current temporary enforcement program and make the program permanent.

The city started this program in 2010. Four new staff will be hired.

The Battle Isn’t Over

While council voted against the bylaw this time, Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie said the issued has not gone away.

McHattie believes there was far too much influence by landlords and Realtors.

Hamilton Landlords Showed the Way

We understand landlords face many challenges all over Ontario.

Whether it’s tenants leaving garbage and damages behind to the dangers of bad tenants holding your property hostage, the dangers for landlords are real and growing.

The fight over licensing is proof landlords need to keep an eye on our local governments. Hamilton landlords stuck together, were vocal, and played a key role in getting the government to do the right thing.

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