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Hamilton Landlords – How to Find Good Tenants (With Landlord Licensing Looming!)

September 2nd, 2013 · 2 Comments · Hamilton Landlord Licensing, Tenant Screening

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Good tenants.

They are the life blood for the success and prosperity for Hamilton landlords.

If you rent to good tenants your mortgage gets paid and business life is good.

On the other hand, renting to bad tenants can lead to not only financial problems but also stress, sleepless nights and a long and expensive process at the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Finding good tenants is more important than ever considering Hamilton landlords face landlord licensing.

How Do You Find Good Tenants?

One of the keys to get as many people as possible interested in your property.

There’s strength in numbers. This means the more people you get in to view your unit will lead to more choices for you and the opportunity to rent to a qualified tenant.

What’s Does “Qualified Tenant” Mean?

It’s important to only rent to qualified tenants. If you don’t you risk being forced to use the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict them.

The Landlord and Tenant Board is unfair for landlords. Very unfair.

The LTB is a mess, it’s unprofessional, and it exists to help tenants at the expense of landlords, including good landlords.

At the Landlord and Tenant Board, every tenant gets free legal help. The legal help is called Tenant Duty Counsel.

They have an extremely close relationship with LTB adjudicators and often use unscrupulous methods (some might say ‘tricks’) to help their tenant clients…while being unfair to the landlord.

-A qualified tenant has a high credit score

-A qualified tenant has stable long-term employment

-A qualified tenant will pass your person interview and show you and your property respect

How Can I Attract More People To Be Interested in My Rental Property?

There are a lot of ways to do this.

One idea has been in the news recently at the Toronto Landlords site.

A landlord in Nova Scotia offers free iPads to people who rent from him. It might seem a little silly at first, but it has brought in a lot of potential tenants to see his property.

To discuss this and other Hamilton Landlord issues go to the Ontario Landlord Forum

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