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Invest in Hamilton: New Hamilton Landlords (and good news for existing landlords)

November 4th, 2013 · No Comments · New Landlords

Hamilton Landlords Become a Landlord In Hamilton 2014

We’ve had lots of good news for Hamilton landlords in the past month.

One of the most important things is that landlords licensing has been put on hold.

It looked like residential landlords would certainly need to get a license back in September.

Due to good organization, clear logical facts behind our case against licensing, and passionate landlords cooperating together the City of Hamilton decided to shelve the program.

And while some on City Council are dedicated to attempt to bring back the program, for now level-hotheadedness wins.

It was a terrific win for Hamilton landlords and tenants.

We want to thank the Ontario Landlords Association for their important role in stopping landlord licensing.

What’s Next for Hamilton Landlords and Residential Real Estate Investors?

There is some more good news.

We said the Hamilton real estate market was finally revving up.

According to a report on CBC News we were correct.

A Hot 2014 in Hamilton

The report is about one of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) forecasts on real estate.

According to Abdul Kargbo, a senior market analyst for the Hamilton area and Brampton area for CMHC more newcomers are moving to Hamilton.

More newcomers means more houses sales (and more tenants) for us.

This is great news for landlords as it means house prices are rising (appreciation of rental properties) and more tenants looking for to rent from us.

September 2013 Was a Great Month For Hamilton Real Estate

The month of September was a huge month. The number of home sales was 1,207. This was only 1 sale short of the all-time record.

Hamilton House Prices Also Rose

Prices for home in September 2013 were 7 percent higher compared to a year before.

The average sale price was a whopping $392,013!

Avoid Professional Tenants and Find All the Great Ones Coming To Hamilton

More people moving to Hamilton is good news for landlords.

More people means more good tenants.

Of course, while the majority of tenants are good you still need to protect yourself and be extremely careful!

With this influx of renters it’s important for Hamilton landlords to do proper tenant screening.

How Can I Protect Myself and Find Great Tenants?

With tenant credit checks you can find good tenants and avoid bad tenants who won’t pay the rent and will cause damages to your rental property.

A tenant credit check is an essential tool to making sure you rent to good tenants.

Things Are Looking Up

Hamilton landlords are on a roll.

Remember to screen your tenants carefully. This always includes a tenant credit check.

Let’s keep working hard, banding together, and making Hamilton read estate rock!

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