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Review Of The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

February 17th, 2018 · No Comments · Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault, Review of Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

Ontario Landlords Knowledge vault questions and answers

Hamilton Landlords Can Now Learn From Experienced and Successful Landlords and Property Managers

Many Hamilton landlords have done very well over the past few years. There are a lot of good tenants out there and if you do a credit check it will help you find them.  Furthermore, real estate prices have appreciated and the local economy has been strong.

As the economy is strong and prices are still far less than in Toronto, we’ve seen lots of people move to the area as well. Many people have decided to buy properties and many have also decided to rent.

With the new Ontario government policies, smart investors know that if you have a good tenant paying rent it protects investment.

Lots of Good Tenants in Hamilton These Days

Many Ontario Landlords Association members based in Hamilton are share their experiences finding good tenants. For example landlordswrote on the OLA landlord forum:

“The past year as been one of the past for me.  With vacancy rates so low in Toronto and rental prices so high many highly qualified tenants are coming to Hamilton.  It just makes economic sense for them.”

“Only a few years ago I barely had anyone apply who had a good credit score.  Now I get multiple applicants with high scores and it’s become hard to choose who to rent to!”

How Can You Attract Good Paying Tenants?

Good qualified tenants are looking for rental properties that are in convenient and safe locations. They demand the property we maintained and comfortable. And they are looking for terrific, knowledgeable landlords.

A key point from experienced and successful Hamilton landlords is:

Make sure your property looks attractive and make sure you let applicants know you are a professional landlord who is an expert on the Residential Tenancies Act and the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario.

There Are Also Some Bad Tenants In Hamilton (and they can lead to huge financial loses for you and your family!)

There have been numerous stories of bad tenants in Ontario recently. 

For example, an Ottawa landlord thought he had rented to a good tenant and instead found his newly renovated property trashed by the tenant before he did a midnight run.  Sadly, if you aren’t careful these “professional tenants” can lead you to lose tens of thousands of dollars. And not just the money loss, but you will be stressed out and lose sleep. 

Let’s take a look at what this trusting Ottawa landlord found when the tenant finally moved out:

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 1

The newly renovated kitchen was trashed.

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 4

The tenant didn’t even clean the fridge.

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 2

Was this tenant toilet trained…or was this done on purpose? 

Ottawa landlords bad tenants 2018 3

The stove is a disaster and will need to be replaced.

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault Was Created By Successful & Experience Ontario Landlords & Property Managers to Help You Succeed

When landlords have trouble it’s hard to know where to turn.

There are people out there who will say they want to help you but do they really know what they are doing? The risks of making a “wrong move” can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars not from just in more tenant problems, but from paying for these so-called experts fees.

Review Of The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

Get real world “in the trenches” advice from real Ontario landlords. These are landlords with hundreds of thousands of equity in their rental properties and they know how important it is to PROTECT THEIR RENTAL INVESTMENT

The Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault is a great resource to help landlords succeed.

It helps you every step of the way from finding the right property to how to market it successfully, to reading a credit report, to how to property end a tenancy to protect yourself and your investment!

It also helps for the “tough situations” small landlords often face.

These questions include:

1. What is the best way to deal with tenants who don’t pay rent or pay late?

2. How do you make your N4 effective to actually get the eviction?

3. How do you deal with noisy tenants who are bothering other tenants??

4. How do you handle tenants who are smoking?

5. What can you do if your tenants are rude and threatening?

Review of the Ontario Landlord Knowledge Vault

It’s a terrific resource to help small landlords succeed.

Get advice from real landlords who own their own Ontario rental properties and have succeeded.

Become a Landlord Expert! 

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