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Naborly Credit Checks Are No Longer Free And The Company Is Engaged in A Scandal

May 20th, 2020 · No Comments · Credit Checks, dylan lenz, naborly, naborly.com, Ontario Landlord Credit Check

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Some of our Hamilton members have reported Naborly credit checks are no longer free. They are now charging $25 For a Credit Check!

Some of our hamilton landlords members have told us they will no longer use Naborly.com credit checks.

For the past two years Naborly has provided free Equifax credit checks along with some “AI” checks on potential tenants.

Many of our Ottawa members have laughed at the so-called “AI” because it is not helpful and is just based on the Equifax credit check…meaning this so-call “AI” was misleading and laughable. It was a trick.

Naborly credit checks are no longer free.

The CEO of Naborly Dylan Lenz Told A Landlord Who Was Ripped Off:


Replying to

Hey Richard, you should have received an email about 2 weeks ago notifying you that we would once again have to charge for our service in order to survive as a company and avoid layoffs.


But we liked it was free to get Equifax scores so used Naborly.

Then we found we were bombarded with ads begging us to pay for other services. But we just deleted these begging emails and use the free service to get Equifax scores.

The only reason our members used Naborly was because of free Equifax scores so we ignored and laughed at:

(1) Useless So-Called Artificial Intelligence Reports

But this was so misleading because Naborly didn’t call references or view pets personally.

(2) All The Aggressive and Harassing Marketing

They would fill you email inbox with marketing other useless things to get you to pay, pay, pay!


Hi, I’m Dylan. I’ve Got Millions of Dollars From Naive Investors

(3) Naborly Scandal of April 2020 – Secretly Wanting To Report Tenants With Consent (Illegal)

They asked landlords to report if their tenants paid April 1st rent or not with telling tenants about it and getting their consent. Even tenants are mocking the Naborly CEO Dylan Lenz

See here in major media: Naborly Scandal

Now Naborly Is Not Free So We Recommend Our Hamilton Landlords Use Another Service

Naborly only was okay because it was free.

Now it’s not free so we recommend our members use another service such as Rent Check or Triton that is safe, stable and secure.